Our Services

Project Management

  • Technics Supplier
  • Bank
  • Service Provider
  • Legal adviser
  • Export Certificates

Import Export

Alpha New Technology Services GmbH organizes import and export of goods. This includes:

  • Purchase,
  • packaging,
  • transport,
  • insurance,
  • customs clearance.


Alpha New Technology Services GmbH procures international export financing and structured project financing. We are a management company within a broad contact network of reliable professional companies.

Technical Services

Alpha New Technology Services GmbH is an Independent Technical Service Provider:

We are experienced in evaluating and clarifying all technical matters regarding wind turbine plants and specialized in technical inspections and Operations & Maintenance services.

Technical Status Reports:

We do

  • technical examination for owners, operators, building permit authorities, insurance companies or financing banks.
  • inspection prior to acceptance, before an operator takes over his new facility from the manufacturer.
  • our reports before the end of the defects liability period. During the guarantee and warranty period, the manufacturer will be liable for any damage. After expiry of the guarantee time, the operator will be required to pay the repair costs himself.
  • recurrent inspections in order to ensure permanently the insurability and financial feasibility of the plant, usually every two or four years as stated in the construction documents.

Service Provider:

We take over the power plant at the end of the defects liability period and improve performance and profitability in a cost efficient way. Or we are coming later… at a time when the wind plant owners are struggling to cope with underperforming wind projects, higher service costs and poor spare part availability.